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  • 2017/07/20
    While President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have drawn a blueprint for top-level soccer cooperation between the two countries, grassroots exchanges among clubs, organizations and companies are flourishing.Bundesliga teams like Bayern Munich, Schalke and Bayer Leverkusen are frontr...
  • 2016/09/29
    A professor of marketing at Tan Kah Kee College of Xiamen University in Fujian province has been helping students to focus by encouraging them to hand in their mobile phones before class starts and collect them after it finishes. It is not obligatory, but those who hand in their phone get a point ea...
  • 2014/11/10
    People crowd into the opening ceremony of the third China Specialty Products Fair in Sanmenxia, Central China’s Henan province, on Nov 8, 2014. [Photo by Sun Meng/Sanmenxia Daily]More than 5,000 merchants and visitors from 16 countries, including China, Russia, South Korea and Pakistan, gathered at ...
  • 2013/10/28
    As the cool-down of China's domestic coal industry continues, coal mine owners made rich by the industry are now looking to new profitable careers. We are seeking ways out, said Zhao Cunfa, a former coal mine owner in the city of Shenmu in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, a center for the nation'...
  • 2013/08/04
    Hanwang's medicine series made from herbals, with proprietary intellectual property.Shaanxi native helps transform TCM field, Han Tianyang reports Rich in traditional herbs, the fertile land of Hanzhong in the southwest of Shaanxi province, is the birthplace of a Chinese pharmacy Guangtaihe in the ...
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